Ona Carbonell immerses herself in the lives of five Spanish legends in ‘Synchronized’

What do they have in common Laia Palau and Lydia Valentín? How is the type of training a professional footballer performs different from that of an Olympic water polo runner-up? DMAX launches ‘Synchronized’, a new series by CaixaBank, led by Ona Carbonell in which the Spanish synchronized swimming star and captain of the Spanish synchronized swimming team shares an entire day with other Spanish sports legends such as Lydia Valentín, Mapi León, Maica García or Eva Moral.

Regular on every podium at the international level, Spanish sport has in its ranks a selection of women who are an example inside and outside the competition.

They perfectly embody and instill the values ​​of sport and the culture of effort to achieve success in each of their fields. They are the best at their thing and the public will be able to learn more about their day to day in ‘Synchronized’, a new series presented by Ona Carbonell which premieres on DMAX from Monday, July 12 to Friday, July 16 from 2:30 p.m.

Ona Carbonell

Throughout five episodes, this CaixaBank production broadcast by the Veo TV channel allows the public to know first-hand the preparation, experiences, objectives, camaraderie, improvement, sacrifice and the moments that marked the careers of five legends of Spanish sports, in line with the sponsorship objectives of the financial institution and its commitment to women’s sports. Lydia Valentín, Eva Moral, Laia Palau, Maica García and Mapi León are the five protagonists of ‘Synchronized’, a new program where double Olympic medalist Ona Carbonell shares a whole day with each of these elite athletes, four Olympic athletes and a female Champions League champion.

Ona Carbonell and her son Kai

Ona Carbonell and her son Kai