Oltra: ‘The competition will mark whether we have to get excited or worry’

Jose Luis Oltra, coach of the Fuenlabrada, left the future of the team in the hands of the competition after there was talk of ambitious goals after the triumphs against him Leganes and the Majorca.

“I am neither selling smoke nor taking anyone’s illusion away. I see the category, I know about equality, I know what it costs to win. I am clear that we have to go game by game, the competition is the one that will score if we have to be excited or concerned, “he said at a press conference.

“We have played two very serious games against two very important teams that reinforce you and allow these thoughts to appear. But in the same way that they appear, they disappear. I trust this team and we will see what we are capable of doing,” he added.

Along these lines, the coach of the Madrid team commented: “It is a mistake to think in the long term. You can have a goal but the goals are weekly, daily I would dare to say. More in this situation.”

After winning at Majorca 4-1, now they face Espanyol: “I’m sure that makes them think that they have to be careful. I’m sure they have this in mind. But so many aspects influence football that you don’t know what is important.”

“It can influence that they have three more days of rest, that the VAR makes an unexpected decision during the game, the size of the squad, the moods, the confidence, the state of the playing field … it all adds up, subtracts, influences or does not influence, “he added.

Oltra does not expect a relaxed opponent: “They are not going to play relaxed, thinking that this match is sucked. They know that Fuenlabrada compete, that it is uncomfortable. Just as we know that they are a great team and we will have to make a perfect match and that they don’t have their best version to win. “

“Winning would be an added plus of confidence. It is very difficult. We go to the field of the leader, of the second best local, of a team that manages all the records. Their coaching staff makes their teams compete, they have great players. If we won it would be a plus confidence, safety at work, “he added.

On the other hand, he acknowledged having done everything possible so that his team received fewer reprimands in the matches: “We had one more talk than with the yellows, with the double yellows. Some expulsions are avoidable. a yellow one, in which you have to realize the damage you can do to the team and yourself. “

“We are a little better in that position. It is not that they take many out of you, it is that they take them out for necessary plays and that you have the head to know how to compete and stop at the right moment if you see them,” he concluded.