Oltra: ‘Marcelo’s image is not exemplary, less in the face of a fourth wave’

The vice president of the Valencian Generalitat, Monica Oltra, has assured this Tuesday that the image that Marcelo, Real Madrid player, spread with his family on the beach of Valencia “is not exemplary”, and even less in a context that “points to a fourth wave.”

In statements to journalists, Oltra has insisted that “we are still in a very delicate moment due to the pandemic”, in which “not only the scientific community, but also the data, point to a fourth wave that we cannot afford”.

“We need responsibility, strict compliance with the regulations and accelerate vaccination,” he added.

Likewise, and with specific reference to Brazilian defender of Real Madrid has stressed that “you should not enter or leave the Valencian Community, and if there has not been a justified reason for doing so, the competent body must investigate it.”

Ximo Puig also criticized Marcelo’s action