Oltra assumes that it was wrong with the changes

The coach of the Fuenlabrada, José Luis Oltra, has put much of the blame for the defeat on himself of his team in Logroño (1-0), for not hitting the changes, he said, and regretted the result, because although his team was not playing anything “we wanted to win”, he stressed.

The Madrid team coach has highlighted his team’s game for more than an hour “but then I was not successful with the changes, because I thought we could find the spacesBut we couldn’t run and immediately the goal came and we lost the center of the field. “

It was a worthy defeat, but a defeat“, has assured the Fuenlabrada coach.” We wanted to win, because it is our obligation to be as high as possible, “he added.

Oltra stated: “In the first half and more than a quarter of an hour in the second we have been good, but then I am critical of myself and I am not so happy with what I have seen, because we saw that there was a choice, since they had to put Olaetxea as central, but we have not interpreted the game, perhaps because of the effort we had made. “

“When we had to go to win I was wrong. Let no one think that we have let ourselves go, because we have come to win. But the rival has put more for what is at stake, “said Oltra.