Olga Moreno apologizes to Rocío Flores through tears

Olga Moreno she opened up on the channel with some of her classmates and explained to them the special relationship she has with her husband’s daughter David Flores, Rocío. In addition, the Andalusian transmitted that she feels guilty for not having given her the same attention as her other two brothers.

“What I really want to do is give my husband a hug, but before he would talk to Rocío. She is the one who is having the worst time because I’m not there, I’m sure. His pain has always been to leave his brother when he came to Honduras, and he still has it ”, the businesswoman started.

Olga He continued, “I have told him many times that I love him and that I love him but I think he should have put her higher. I have scolded her a lot and I have been a lot on top of her to become a woman. I have not shown her how much I have needed her or how well she has behaved ”,

On the other hand, the couple of Antonio David explained that she has always paid more attention to David flores, that his sister Dew. “Maybe it’s because I see her stronger and him weaker. But she is not jealous, the other way around, to see me with her brother like this, she would give me life. I am God to her. But maybe he needed more hugs from me ”, he transmitted.

In Palapa, Jorge Javier Vazquez Olga asked if she wanted to send a message to Rocío and she couldn’t help but get excited. “Forgive me, for those hugs that I did not give you. She knows it. She knows that I have always been very aware of her brother because I needed him and maybe I have put her aside more. That I love her, that I love her and that I hope she is well. This girl has suffered a lot as a girl, and she does not deserve it, ”she declared through tears.