Olaza: ‘In football there is nothing impossible’

The player of the Real Valladolid Lucas Olaza has warned this Wednesday that “in football there is nothing impossible” so, although they are aware of the “offensive potential” of the Barcelona, they will go on Monday to Camp Nou “to give it all”.

“We all know what the Barça, and more at home, but we are playing good games and the goal is to give our best, to play a perfect game and try to get something positive out of there, “he explained at a telematic press conference.

As he has argued, due to the stoppage in the league “the time between the previous game and this next one has become long”, although it has also served to “rest, regain energy, continue on the path of the last days and prepare well for this next one. I challenge one of the greats. “

For Wave, the five positive cases for covid-19 that appeared in the staff “are an unusual and unexpected situation”, but he stressed that “the team is strong” and this will make them “even stronger.” In his opinion, “the most important thing is that the affected colleagues are well and recover as soon as possible.”

“We have faced it calmly,” added the Uruguayan left-back, despite the fact that this circumstance has disrupted the scheme of Sergio Gonzalez due to the absences of Roberto Jiménez, Míchel Herrero, Joaquín Fernández, Luis Pérez and Kike Pérez, who have not been able to participate in the weekly work sessions.

On an individual basis, he has pointed out that he tries to “give his best” but “you can always do more”, so his goal is to “keep working” with the rest of the team to “be able to score as many points as possible” in the final stretch of the season, in which permanence is at stake.

“I am grateful to be here. My teammates have treated me very well and, although at first it was difficult for me to adapt, since you need to know how the team works, with time I will get better and I want to continue trying to contribute as much as possible in each game , to help meet the goal set, “he added.

And although Real Valladolid has not “marked numbers”, to focus on the immediate match and that there is no external distraction, Olaza has stressed that “any point at this stage of the league is fundamental”, since there are many the teams that are involved in that fight to maintain the category.

Finally, Olaza has assured that the “tough results” obtained against Celta de Vigo and Sevilla -sendos draws, which the rivals achieved in the last seconds of the extension time-, “have already been in the past” and should only serve to “prevent those mistakes from being made again,” he concluded.