Olabe: ‘We want to finish in European positions’

Olabe has manifested in the Gol microphones in the run-up to today’s game in Anoeta, four days after winning the Cup, that “it was about dreaming”, alluding to the title, “but then you have to fill it on a day-to-day basis,” he added, wanting to explain that it has been their daily work that has led them to success. “This club was already a champion team and we wanted to be like what we are,” commented a Olabe who has already wanted to focus on the present because we have “a very committed party and we want to finish in European positions.” Conquered the Cup, the football director of the Real has not wanted to put a roof on his club. “Limits have to be set by the adversary, day by day, I’m not going to limit myself,” said the Gasteiztarra who recalled that, when he arrived, he said he wanted the Real to be “more regular. May a good year be followed by a good one. It is about that, to be at the top and when you are at the top, you are prepared for extraordinary things to happen ”such as the Cup title, he said. Olabe.