Olabe meets with some players

After the competition, these are days of a lot of activity and decision-making in the offices of the Real and of special intensity and relevance for the person who governs the club’s sporting destinations, Roberto Olabe. The football director is holding individual meetings with several realistic players to convey his decisions to them and is also tackling the very important planning of the subsidiary, Sanse.

As MD has already reported, not many moves are expected in the Real, as long as there are unpleasant surprises with the cracks. Waiting to be able to renew Isak Y Januzaj, a goalkeeper is sought to replace Michael
Moya. Do not lose sight of the market in search of a left central, since Sagnan still unconvincing and they have to make a decision with Pacheco. Yes Willian
Joseph come back, they will look for a destination for you.

When all the conversations and planning are done, Olabe will appear before the media.