Official statement from Cádiz after Cala’s insult to Diakhaby

The Cádiz Football Club, given the events that occurred in the match against the Valencia Football Club, wants to make the following considerations:

– We are against any situation of racism or xenophobia, whoever its author is, and we work for its eradication. All the perpetrators of these crimes, whether or not they are from our team, must pay for it.

– We do not doubt the honesty of all the members of our squad, who are firm defenders of the fight against racism, whose attitude has always been exemplary in all the matches that have been played.

– The entity cannot enter to assess the issues of the game between the players, and we always demand an attitude of respect and responsibility towards the opponents.

– We work and will continue working so that in our football there is no xenophobic behavior, with a ‘NO TO RACISM’ with all its forcefulness.