Odriozola: six more games and another ‘kilito’ for Real

With those played against Barcelona on Saturday and against Liverpool on Wednesday, Alvaro
Odriozola He has 34 official meetings with Real Madrid, so he is six away from forcing his club, Real Madrid, to pay another million euros to Real. At the moment, they have 10 or 11 options left this season, depending on whether or not Real Madrid defeat Chelsea in the semi-finals of the Champions League and go to the final. The doors of San Sebastian are more open considering the injuries of Carvajal Y Luke
Vazquez, occupants of the right lane this season. However, without any of them, Zidane chose to place in that demarcation Frederick
Valverde to the detriment of a Odriozola that came out at the end in the medullary to replace a fatigued Kroos.

La Real transferred to Odriozola to Real Madrid in July 2018 in exchange for 30 million plus five variables. Every time the winger plays 20 official matches with the club Florentine, he must pay a million more, up to five. At the moment, they have paid 31 ‘kilos’ for the Guipuzcoan. It is not easy that Odriozola follow the next course in Madrid seen his history of matches dressed in white and with Zidane, so it is convenient for Real to play those six games that remain for the next month and a half.