Odriozola: ‘Scoring a goal with Madrid is indescribable’

Álvaro Odriozola, Real Madrid right back, He replied when asked about the bad times he is going through due to injuries that there is no need to complain because “There are people dying in hospitals” from the pandemic and said that, finally, he feels “full happiness because the work pays off.”

“I feel full happiness. This world of football is very complicated, this year especially on a personal level with many injuries, I barely had vacations from last season to this … there are times when it is difficult and today after the goal and the game I feel full happiness because the work pays off ”, he said on Movistar +.

“It is not about hiding it. Of course there are very bad times. In football there are ups and downs, injuries… at Real Madrid there are no excuses, but sometimes it costs due to injuries and poor continuity. These are bad times, but if you put it in perspective with what is happening in society, we have to relativize the problems. Scoring a goal with Real Madrid is indescribable, there are people dying in hospitals, and we are not going to complain, “he continued.

An Odriozola who did not want to reproach anyone: “I am a very self-critical person, of which you look at yourself before. I have had four injuries, the set-up has been very complicated and I have nothing to blame for anything ”, he declared.

The right back did not want to comment on the Super League: “We players have enough to play and give our best level. It has been a very difficult season and we are alive in the League and the Champions League. We stick to that. We have a fantastic president and we stick to it, “he said.

Odriozola wanted to start by sending a message of affection to Eusebio Sacristán, who is recovering after suffering a head injury: “I would like to start by sending my greetings to a very special person like Eusebio Sacristán. Born well is to be grateful, he gave me the opportunity to debut and I want to publicly send him a big hug and strength in his recovery, “he said.