Odriozola: ‘Resilience defines this season, we will fight until the end’

Odriozola He spoke after the victory of Real Madrid against Athletic in San Mamés by 0-1. The Basque side He wanted to “congratulate the team, which after many problems during the year with injuries and COVID-19 is showing what this shield teaches, the motto of fighting to the end. We focused on ourselves, we played a very good game from start to finish and deserved the victory. We are Real Madrid and we are going to fight until the end ”, he said in the Real Madrid media.

About the match, Odriozola He explained that “the coach has conveyed to us at all times that we were doing things well, perhaps we lacked something else in the last 30 meters, but we managed to score the winning goal. We have done our homework and there is one day left ”.

Odriozola He made it clear that “I am very proud of all the players in this squad. Resilience defines this season, we are holding on, we are going to fight until the end and hope there is a prize. It’s a final, everything is open, but this shield teaches you to fight until the last minute and that’s how it will be ”.