Odriozola and Odegaard, among friends

They were visitors, but still consider Anoeta almost as their home. Martin
Odegaard and Alvaro
Odriozola They took advantage of the prolegomena of the match between Real and Real Madrid to greet and chat with those who were their teammates, in the case of the Norwegian until just two months ago. This is reflected in the usual video that La Real publishes after the matches in which the txuri urdin play at home and call ‘Inside’.

Odegaard coldly but warmly greets all his former colleagues until he reaches Diego
Llorente, with which he melts into a hug. Odriozola meanwhile, high-fives all the realists, jokes with Januzaj and hugs David
Silva, with which he coincided with the Spanish team during the World Cup in Russia.


In the images you can also see Imanol vehemently asking Guevara to be used with more force in a play and the instructions that first Labaka on a blackboard and then the technician oriotarra clinging to his shoulder give David
Silva seconds before his debut as txuri urdin. For its part, the face of Gonzalez
Zarate It did not reveal the logical nervousness of the debutante who is going to be baptized in First without having played in the two lower categories.