Odegaard: ‘When Cristiano gave me the change and I debuted, it seemed incredible to me’

Martin Odegaard he has undergone a telematic interview that he has carried out on the official Arsenal website. The Norwegian is on loan from Real Madrid in the London team and has acknowledged that this stage has confirmed the good decision he made the first time he left on loan from Real Madrid, Heerenveen, and then, Vitesse.

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“When I went to Heerenveen, I did it after spending three years in Madrid. I did not play with the first team and, although playing for Castilla was good, after that time I thought that it was not too good for my evolution. So I decided to go out. I thought that going there would make me grow as a person. And when I went to the Vitesse the following year, I also felt that it would be optimal for my performance on the field. That was a new step for me on the pitch “

His signing for Real Madrid

“For me, the most important thing was the plans they had for me at the club, which consisted of training with the first team and playing for Castilla, where Zidane was on the bench at that time. I think that for me, at 16, it was a good solution “

His debut with Real Madrid

“I was excited, eager to debut. They warned me that I would play 30 or 35 minutes. And when I saw how Cristiano came to me to give me the change, it was a moment as special as it was unreal. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. “