Odegaard says goodbye to Arsenal

Martin Odegaard has said goodbye to Arsenal before starting the preseason with him Real Madrid. The Norwegian player played on loan without an option to buy in the Emirates
Stadium since January due to the few opportunities it gave him Zinedine
Zidane but the club plans happen because Carlo
Ancelotti make him one of the mainstays of the white team starting next year.

Odegaard has said goodbye to the Gunner club, the players, the staff commanded by Mikel Arteta and the fans through an emotional message posted on their social networks.

“Thank you very much for these six months. My time with the Arsenal family will always have a special place in my heart. I want to thank everyone, both those inside and those around the club for the way they have made me feel part of the family from day one. Special thanks to the fans, even without you in the stadium for most of the season, I have felt you with me every time. Thanks also to the boss and his staff for everything I have learned during my stay. And thanks also to my teammates for what a great time we had. I will miss you. Thanks family Gunner. Always in my heart ”, he writes Odegaard on his Instagram account.

Odegaard will be at the orders of Carlo Ancelotti the day after tomorrow, July 5, the date on which the footballers who have not attended the Eurocup, the America Cup or the Olympic Games they will have to join the white preseason.