Odegaard, on his arrival at Madrid: ‘It was a bit crazy’

Martin Odegaard is enjoying in the Arsenal of the minutes that he did not have at Real Madrid, which he arrived at when he was very young and has not yet managed to settle down.

The high expectations surrounding the Norwegian seem to be being met in London, where he has quickly become a starter. A somewhat strange sporting life, given that at the age of 16 he was the cover of many newspapers when he was involved in a bid between big clubs, until he ended up signing for Real Madrid.

“It was a bit crazy that moment, to be honest. I didn’t realize it because I was very young, ”he explains. Oodegar to BT Sport regarding his arrival in Spain as a teenager. “When you have Real Madrid behind you, there will always be great expectations. To be honest, my expectations of myself have always been higher than those of the outside. The most difficult thing is to please myself, not others ”.

Although it was expected that this season would be the one to curdle with the Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane failed to give prominence and the transfer to Arsenal, with Mikel Arteta, the situation has changed. “He is a first-rate coach, really smart. There are so many things to learn from him, so I am happy to be here. ”

In fact, his happiness in London is great and Arsenal values ​​his transfer. “I think the club is in the works now where things have changed a bit but, from what I am seeing here and what I have experienced, I am sure that the club will return to the top very soon,” he emphasized. Odegaard.