Ocampos: ‘Renew? I hope it happens, I don’t think of another place ‘

One of the important players in the market and who plays for Sevilla is Lucas Ocampos, an extreme scorer who is being watched by big clubs in Europe. The Argentine is in negotiations with the Andalusian club to extend his contract, although he signed until 2024.

However, he prefers not to think about the future right now, although he admits that he feels happy at Sevilla. “They have been talking a lot of things, but I always say the same thing. I focus on my day-to-day life and I can’t see beyond what I can handle. There are ten important games left and my head is not there to think about other things. We already have enough with what we live day by day at the club, so I live in the present and we will see what happens in the future. I am very grateful to this club and it made me very good personally to come here. I love the city, what has happened in these two years and hopefully it will happen. I am very happy and I do not think of any place other than this. We’ll see what might happen at the end of the season, “commented the attacker in a clear declaration of intent.

Ocampos, in an interview on ‘Canal Sur Radio’, revealed that being at Sevilla does not change for almost anything in the world: “I am grateful to the club because it gave me confidence and I exploited in many aspects that I had not done in other clubs. The happiness and desire to play that I have here I did not have in many places. I am very happy both myself and my family, I do not dislike the idea of ​​continuing to be linked with this great club ”.

The Argentine referred to the penalty that he missed against Barcelona in the Cup semifinals, which could put Lopetegui’s team in the final:

“It was very hard because he came a month and a half without playing, of recovery, of many positive thoughts. I recovered much earlier than expected and was giving everything to be a great night. I go in, they give me a penalty, it was all perfect and well, what happened happened. Obviously they were hard days for me, but the following games were coming and I couldn’t continue in that spirit. I relied on my colleagues and my family and to move on quickly ”.

Finally, Ocampos does not trust Sevilla’s 10-point advantage over the fourth-placed team. “It is difficult to say today that ten points are enough to reach the goal. Football goes very fast, there are many games left in a row, there are difficult opponents and we cannot relax. We have to finish as we started, and then the goal is to get as high as possible. In this club you always try to get as high as possible, but we know that it is difficult. There are teams at the top that are doing very well. We have a lot of faith in each other, we believe in the work we do every day and at the end of the season we will see where it will be ”.