Oblak: ‘I stopped those two, it’s my job … but I didn’t stop that last one’

The goalkeeper of
Atlético de Madrid,
slovenian Jan
Oblak, lamented after the draw in the derby against him Real Madrid (1-1) that if the rojiblanco team had scored a second goal “the game would have been different”, although he recalled that the League it is “long” and you have to “look ahead”.

“I think that we lacked success in the last moments in the final phase of the field and that this second goal would enter, because surely with another goal the game would have been different. The pity is that we did not score the second and that they scored at the end and we go with one more point, the League is long, any game is difficult, you always want to win, you do everything to win, today it was not like that, but you have to look forward, “he said Oblak after the game to ‘Movistar +’.

The Slovenian goalkeeper admitted that during the last matches “the feeling was not the best”, but reiterated that his team had “chances” and that by not knowing how to finish them, they allowed the Real Madrid tie.

Before the goal, Oblak made a double stop to Benzema. “Yes, they have had this chance, but I think that in general we have played a good game, I have stopped those two, my job is to stop them, but I have not stopped the last one. The League is long, you have to keep your head up and look forward, there is no other way ”, he explained.

Regarding the ball that hit his Brazilian teammate Philip in the hand within the area at the end of the first part, whereby the Real
Madrid claimed a penalty but that the referee Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez considered that not after reviewing it on the monitor, Oblak He said that this should be a decision of the referees.

“The referees are there to decide what is a hand and what is not, surely it has a regulation that I do not know exactly what it is, but if it has not whistled I think it was not. It’s that simple, ”he said.

As for the diminishing distance of the Athletic at the top of the standings, as he now has only 3 points above him Barcelona and 5 on the Real
Madrid, although he has one less game, Oblak expressed that they are not focused on qualifying distances.

“I don’t think we have had him on track for a moment, many games you don’t win one or two and others win two and they are close. We never look at the margin, we have never looked at it, at the end of the season we will see if we have done enough to win this League or not. The whole team thinks like me and we don’t feel any extra pressure to win ”, he concluded.