Nyom, closes the doors of the eleven to Kubo against Atleti

Take kubo arrived at Getafe with the aim of finding the continuity that it did not have in the Villarreal. His second loan this season seemed perfect for the development of the Japanese, eager to accumulate minutes in LaLiga. The team of Jose Bordalás fit the idea. Needing a boost to get off the ground, Japanese was just what he needed. But those expectations have not been fulfilled because a player closes the doors to him.

It is none other than Allan nyom, a man with much less quality than Kubo. Less vision of the game, worse hitting the ball, less efficient centers, sometimes faulty controls and, in general, comparatively, almost in every statistical field, he has fewer points than the young Japanese. But surely he will start this Saturday in the Alfonso Pérez against him Atlético de Madrid.

However, Nyom possesses three qualities in which she surpasses Kubo. The first, to have earned the total and absolute trust of Jose Bordalás, which almost always takes you into account. The second, an almost insurmountable capacity for sacrifice. And, the third, the virtue of unhinging his rivals with a picaresque that Kubo lacks.

The player on loan from Real Madrid he has been unlucky enough to fall into a team where the positions he could occupy are in high demand. In the left area of ​​the center of the field, he always plays Marc Cucurella. He is irreplaceable and one of the franchise men of the Getafe. And, in the zone, right, you can play changed leg, but Nyom closes the door of ownership.

His arrival at Getafe It coincided with a bad moment for the team, which added only one victory in eleven games. And, with the storm ‘Filomena’ lurking and with hardly any training, Kubo traveled to Elche along with another of the club’s new acquisitions, Carles alena. With hardly knowing their companions, the two fell to their feet.

Alena, was directly headline. Bordalás He changed his usual 4-4-2 for a 4-2-3-1 to accommodate the Catalan player as a nexus in the midfielder. He made four key passes and was on display as a good catalyst for the attacking game. Kubo didn’t do badly either. He went out into the field in the last half hour, caused a bit of Jaime Mata and gave an assist to Angel that ended in penalty.

The match ended 1-3 for him Getafe. Alena Y Kubo were exalted to the altar of heroes and immediately earned a place in the eleventh of Bordalás. The next match, against Huesca, both were headlines. Kubo, on the right, but did not seat Nyom, who replaced the Uruguayan Mathías Olivera on the left side of the rear.

The final result, 1-0 in favor of Getafe, gave more credit to Kubo, than in front of the Athletic and the Alaves, sent Nyom to the bench. Later, against Sevilla, he met again with the Frenchman on the pitch, this time with Nyom on the right side. And, in the sixth game, Bordalás, with two wins out of six possible with Kubo on the field, he decided to seat the Japanese.

Although I first trusted Francisco Portillo in Kubo’s place to try to scratch some point in front of the Real Madrid, then, in front of the Real Sociedad, Betis, Valencia Y Valladolid, his trusted man has always appeared: Allan nyom.

While Kubo has played 94 of the last 360 minutes, Nyom accumulates 342. In total, with the Getafe, the Japanese has played since he arrived in the first days of January 440 minutes out of 900 possible, 48’8 percent. When he left the Villarreal, accumulated 796 of 2,160, 36.6 percent. At Getafe the percentage has risen, but surely it is not what Kubo I expected.

Holder with Bordalás in only four of the ten games he has been able to play, against the Athletic from Madrid, everything indicates that he will add his seventh substitution. To face the rojiblanco box, Bordalás may need more muscle than magic. Then again the rogue will appear Nyom to become, once again, the kryptonite of Kubo.