‘Now Spain is scary’

Claudio Ranieri I speak in ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ of what is happening in the Eurocup and, among many other things, he referred to the Spanish team.

“Spain has rediscovered itself after a difficult start that was linked to the Covid issue. Luis Enrique had the merit of insisting with Morata and Álvaro returned it to him. Young people have gained confidence and now Spain it’s scary ”.

The coach added that “I don’t know if these players will repeat Xavi and Iniesta, but there is a lot of quality. Spain was spectacular at times against Croatia and I liked their reaction in extra time. Spain is the favorite, but the favorites don’t always win ”.

Ranieri also spoke of Belgium, Italy’s rival in the quarterfinals. “De Bruyne is the mind. Lukaku, who is doing a wonderful Euro Cup, is the arm. Poetry is Hazard. A champion and a golden boy who I have special affection for the goal that he scored against Tottenham five years ago, and that allowed my Leicester to become champion of England. When I went to see Sarri at Chelsea, I thanked him and we laughed. Eden has a special gift: he still has the spirit of a street player ”.