Not even Michael Jackson moved like this !: The crazy dance of Gael Monfils

The eccentric character of Gael Monfils is known to all. The French tennis player is great on the court and out of competition he stands out for his peculiar character, different from the rest, always fun. The Frenchman never goes unnoticed among the press or among the other players on the ATP circuit because he always finds a way to stand out from the rest.

Well, now we have discovered that you also know how to dance wonderfully. And so he has shown us in his latest video posted on his Instagram account. Not even Michael Jackson himself moved this way!

Gaël Monfils wanted to celebrate that it is Friday. Neither the coronavirus nor the closure of the competition will make your life or weekend bitter. That is why he has celebrated the arrival of Friday night with a crazy dance.

They really make you want to dance just by watching it. It is clear that Monfils has rhythm in his body. And since sharing the joy never hurts, he gave us this dance to make us happier the arrival of the weekend.