Nolaskoain, the unprecedented of the Athletic season

Everything you are going to read here is the author’s invention, that is, mine. And as in all fictional stories, there is something about it that is deeply true. It is, the other Thursday.

Nolaskoain will be together with Herrerín, if there are no changes of plans between now and the end of the League, which does not look like the only player with an Athletic first squad number who will miss out on enjoying any official minute this season. Neither in the League, nor in the Cup, nor in the Super Cup.

The closest that the Zumaia footballer has been to playing any minute during this season coincided in three specific games: Villarreal, Levante and Granada. In those three duels he was on the bench, but did not play a minute. I even think that it did not heat up in any of them. Although for Nolaskoain having been summoned was already a success.

Bad luck in the form of injuries has crossed the path of the Zumaiarra, the truth. Since his time on loan to Deportivo de A Coruña, Dépor, last season he has not quite raised his head in that sense. He didn’t just heal that right ankle.

Peru he was injured in a match with the Coruña team

against the Lightning Vallecano and since then he has not had any more minutes of competition. We are talking about June of last year. It will be more than a year without official competition. Almost nothing.

The coronavirus also affected the rojiblanco midfielder. And after those three meetings called as a lion, once again a medical part of Athletic returned to place him in the infirmary: “Peru Nolaskoain will be operated on next week, through arthroscopic surgery, to solve the problems that he presents in his right ankle.”

It was already the month of April. Agur to the season. Start again. Hopefully it is one of the ‘signings’ for Marcelino looking ahead to the next season.

The Gipuzkoan player himself issued a statement shortly before going under the knife, highlighting that “They have been difficult months and full of indecisions. Now is the time to work both physically and mentally to get back to my teammates in the best possible way ”.

I think the mental level is going to be more important than the physical, without a doubt. The end of the message from Zumaia before having to be intervened was clear: “Thanks to those of you who are always by my side, especially in these moments, in the fucked up”. They do not have to be pleasant months for the young player.

Marcelino assured in his day that he was counting on him as central, position in which he debuted with Berizzo. He debuted with a goal in San Mamés, by the way. A circumstance that very few players can say in the history of the club. He did it against Leganés.

What’s more, in his debut with the subsidiary he also scored. Curious. At this time when they are starting to come out in the future for the team, it would not hurt to take this type of player into account. It will not be the next Thursday.