Nobody gives credit to Neymar’s new ‘look’: ‘Frankenstein?’

She has us used to her radical makeovers and impossible hairstyles. but this time, no one can believe the new Neymar’s ‘look’. The Brazilian forward has surprised all his followers with a shocking image.

The player enjoys a few days of vacation before joining the PSG preseason, where he will coincide for the first time with Sergio Ramos. However, despite being away from the pitch after his participation in the Copa América, the Brazilian has once again become a trend in the networks. And is not for less. Her stunning hairstyle has stunned her fans and it didn’t take long to go viral.

Ney He went to the hairdresser, took off the platinum and put on braids. The Brazilian forward likes to play with his hair as much as he does with the ball. In fact, it is not the first time that he surprises us with his strange hairstyles.

Black, blonde, platinum, pink, crest, curlers, dreadlocks, there are several looks that Ney used throughout his career. Since his beginning in Santos in 2009, until today in PSG and the Brazilian team.

The comments among his followers have not been long in coming: “Neymar Salón de Oro”, “Frankenstein?”, “What is your problem?”, “The Cup has destroyed him” or “Please stop now”, are some of messages on social networks towards crack, although most also pay compliments for his talent in the field.