‘No one is injured’: scare in ‘Public mirror’ when part of the set fell

Small setback the one that has been lived in the morning of this Tuesday in the program of Antenna 3 ‘Public Mirror’, which these days is being presented by Lorena García, since Susanna Griso is on vacation for Easter.

During the live connection with Chema Crespo, director of Publico.es, a great roar could be heard that both the collaborators of the program and the audience members were surprised for a few moments.

“I have not been, eh”, has commented the collaborator of Antena 3 in his connection. At that precise moment, Lorena García has stepped out to explain to viewers what had just happened. “There is no one injured,” began the host of the program.

“Part of the set has fallen off. They are two little pieces. This is what sometimes happens on live shows. If you have heard the noise in your house, calm down, everything is fine, “the journalist ended up clarifying in” Public Mirror. “

After that, the host of the program has continued with the debate table and Chema Crespo has continued with his intervention. Fortunately, there has been no regret for any damage and everything has been a good scare.