Nissan closes the Barcelona plant

Nissan has communicated to government officially first thing this morning the closure of its plant Barcelona, a decision that the Executive “regrets”, has informed the Ministry of Industry, which has proposed to the presidency of the Japanese firm to create a working group to look for alternatives to the factory.

The ministry maintains that the continuity of the Barcelona plant is possible through the feasibility plan presented a few months ago to the presidency of Nissan Motor Company Limited and prepared jointly by Industry and the Generalitat of Catalonia, with the support of Barcelona City Council and the Consortium Free Zone.

In the statement, the department led by Reyes Maroto insists that the continuity of the Barcelona factory, which directly employs around 3,000 people and indirectly another 30,000, makes economic sense for Nissan Motor, “As it is more profitable to invest than to bear the cost of closing, which could exceed 1,000 million euros.”

Workers from the Catalan plant of the Nissan vehicle company gather during a protest in the Plaza de Sant Jaume in Barcelona

The plant of Barcelona It is strategic, since abandoning the Barcelona and Spain is to leave the European Union, with the consequent reputational cost in a market of more than 500 million inhabitants, “added the statement.

In the note, Industry notes that once the decision is known, which was officially communicated to it this morning, a period of negotiations begins in which the terms and conditions of the process will be established.

Thus, the Government of Spain will summon in the next days to Generalitat, City of Barcelona, Consortium French Zone
to and union centers to jointly analyze the situation and study different future scenarios.