Nieto: ‘If Espanyol is worth a point to us, no’

Carlos Nieto, Real Zaragoza player, has indicated that if his next opponent, Espanyol is worth a point In this game, to achieve mathematically promotion to the First Division, the Aragonese team does not have a draw.

“I don’t think they will come to speculate. They will want to achieve the goal as soon as possible and we have to prioritize the need for points that we have. I don’t understand any other way to go out on the pitch than to win. If the tie works for them, we need to add three “, has stood out at a telematic press conference.

The squad of the Zaragoza team has warned of the danger offensive of the Catalan team that it has “very important” players, something that has put them in the situation they are in today, leaders.

He also thinks that to counteract this potential in attack the ‘blanquillo’ team will have to perform “a good defensive job and a very serious game ” and controlling the key players of the Barcelona team who are “the ones who end up deciding the games when the team does not have its day.”

Grandchild, that in the last league match against Lugo he reached one hundred games with the Maño team shirt, has stressed that reaching this figure is “a source of pride after so many years in the quarry.”

“You have to know the effort it takes to get to the first team and stay. And who would have told me when I started at 18! Every game I have felt privileged and I strive for this shirt and to wear it many more times, “he stressed.

In this regard, he has revealed that his first memory as a fan was the day Real Zaragoza beat Real Madrid 6-1 at La Romareda in the first leg of the 2005-06 season Cup semifinal.

“It creates a great illusion in an amateur child, that of being able to be there. Also I remember with great enthusiasm my debut when I was 18 years old and that lack of maturity. Now I have achieved that maturity which is what has led me to play a hundred games with Real Zaragoza “, he pointed out.

On the tie “in extremis” achieved in Lugo, the Zaragoza side has commented that the party had two analyzes.

“On the one hand it was seen with the celebration when the defeat was practically consummated and that goal was good for us to add and that Lugo, our rival for permanence, did not cut differences. On the other, and with a more general perspective, the reading the thing is We are looking for victory but we had some mistakes that we must correct because the teams below are adding and victories are needed to get out of the danger zone as soon as possible and be calmer at the end of the season “, he analyzed.