Nico Williams lights the spark at Athletic

The ball is already rolling in the preseason of the Athletic. It is not that the illusion reigns in the environment of the rojiblanca fans, what happened in April with the finals of Cup, but there are reasons that begin to hook. One of the main ones has a first and last name: Nico Williams. No signings beyond Petxarroman, the hope lies in the kids of Lezama. The brother of Iñaki He left some brushstrokes in the final stretch of last year and now that he is starting from scratch he wants to fight for a hole in the first team.

Nico Williams lit the spark in the first friendly of the summer in the Athletic. He only played the first part, Marcelino he distributed minutes among the entire block to avoid unwanted injuries, but he was the most active element in attack. He showed himself with the freshness of a puppy who wants to show. Perhaps it is the fresh air that a Bilbao squad needs that yielded to him FC St. Gallen (2-1). The Swiss were more rolling and they made it clear.

The technician mixed the usual headlines with the meritorious ones looking for balance. The ‘Nicos’Appeared in the starting eleven. Williams on the right and Highlander on the left. As if it were a meeting of the subsidiary of several months ago. The first goal of Athletic 2021-22 was an own goal by St. Gallen, although the protagonist was Nico Williams. Unai lopez he served a precise long ball, the youth ran away for speed and his low center was deflected by Fazliji when trying to clear.

It was the momentary 2-1, which in the end would be final. Before they had scored Kiss Y Youan for locals. Mobility of Nico Williams was the main offensive argument of the people of Bilbao. Both when widening and lengthening the field on the right as pulling diagonals and looking for association on the inside.

Brothers Williams they connected a couple of times in the first half. Nico He started from the right making clear his good touch with the ball and Iñaki it was lowered to generate superiorities. It is obvious that they speak the same language and understand each other easily, it will be a matter of polishing automation. The right-handed winger brings dynamism, he was also seen to change roles momentarily with Raul Garcia and with Nico Serrano, something of what the new Athletic you must get a slice.

After the break there was little to scratch. Neither for one side nor the other. Marcelino lined up a completely different eleven, he only kept a quarter of an hour more at Nico Serrano so as not to overload Muniain, and the most novel thing was to see how Victor Y Meadows they shared the engine room. They still have a lot of ‘military’ left, especially to Beñat, which is not even confirmed to stay with the elderly; however they showed good manners. Meadows left a twist plus a change of orientation that can be the thread to pull thinking about the future and was also at hand to stop the cons of the St. Gallen. Of course, the road has just begun. Much remains to be done.