Nico Melamed: ‘I am sure that next year we will be in the First Division’

Nico Melamed, one of Espanyol’s most important assets, has recognized this Wednesday that his team faces a decisive moment of the championship where it is urgent to win so as not to move further away from the places of direct promotion.

And despite the latest troubles, or what is the same, having been left out of the direct promotion places after many weeks, the youth squad is convinced that he will return to First.

“I am sure that next year we will be in the First Division“, He started to say bluntly. He confesses that “it has always been my dream to be in the First Division. Last year we had this little stumble, but seeing how we are training, the matches, the confidence, the tranquility and the conviction that we have in the dressing room, I am sure that next year we will be there (in First) ”.

Melamed advocates redirecting the ship as soon as possible and win again to put pressure on Mallorca and Almería. “We face this section with the importance it deserves. It’s the time for the truth. We are very convinced, with the humility of always but with the greater commitment than ever to achieve the objective ”, he highlighted.

What Embarba yesterday, Nico has wanted send a message of reassurance to the fans. The locker room believes in promotion. “We are calm. We know what the team can give and the confidence and conviction that we have among ourselves ”, he added, before asking the Espanyol fans to trust. “We want to transmit tranquility to the fans. Let’s go with the ambitionn of always and more now that it is the hour of the truth ”, has insisted.

Finally, regarding his recent substitutions after several games as the undisputed starter, the youth squad is humble: “They are rotations, decisions. I have to keep improving every day to return to be in the eleven and earn more and more minutes. Confidence, daily work and, above all, humility ”.