Neymar’s mother would have ended his scandalous romance

In the wake of the confusing episode of domestic violence that happened last week when her boyfriend was seriously injured in the hospital, the mother of Neymar would have finally ended the romance.

The versions about what really happened are doubtful but everything seems to indicate that last Thursday Tiago Silva, drunk, he would have become very aggressive, uncontrollably broke furniture and everything in his path, until he crashed into a glass, before the screams and sobs of Nadine who could not believe what he was suffering.

And if this were not enough, the romance leads to a lawsuit against Neymar for the alleged crime of homophobia due to threats against Tiago
Silva. It should be remembered that in filtered audio you can listen to Neymar and friends threatening Tiago
Silva and discriminating against him because of his bisexual orientation.

At the same time, during these hours, versions are circulating that the boyfriend would also have dedicated himself to male prostitution. Indeed, according to the news released by the journalist Leo
Days, Tiago
Silva It would appear on a Spanish website dedicated to offering this type of sexual services.

Only time will tell if indeed the mother of the Brazilian crack has really been able to cut this dangerous relationship or if, on the contrary, the passion for her young boyfriend will be stronger.