Neymar: ‘We prove that we can also advance in difficulties’

Neymar I affirm that Brazil managed to win this Friday 1-0 to chili and qualify for the semifinals of the America Cup thanks to his ability to overcome adversity, such as the expulsion of the forward Gabriel Jesus at the beginning of the second half.

“We managed to overcome an adversity that the team suffered and we proved that we can also advance in difficulties,” said the French PSG player in a statement he conceded at the end of the match that qualified Brazil to the semifinals of the Copa América, in which they will be measured with Peru next Monday in Rio de Janeiro.

“Every day that passes we have tests that help us to strengthen and that allow us to prove that we can play well in any circumstance, even with one player less,” added the attacker, who was once again the best of Brazil on the field.

Neymar classified as “a fatality” the flying kick with which Gabriel Jesús brought down Mena at the beginning of the second half and that left Brazil with one player less than half the game.

“We started the game well, we scored a goal and then we endured the Chilean pressure. Chile is a qualified team, with good players, and they made us a difficult game,” he said.

Neymar admitted that he had to argue a lot with the Chilean players and that he sometimes reacted irritably, but attributed it to the atmosphere of the match.

“Chile is a great team; it was a great test; but the important thing was that we got the victory and advance to the semifinals,” he summarized.

Lucas Paquetá’s goal at the beginning of the second half allowed Brazil to beat Chile.