Neymar reveals what he wants to do when he hangs up his boots

Neymar was the great protagonist of PSG in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich, demonstrating the great form they are going through. After achieving the qualification for the semis of the European competition, the Brazilian has given an interview in which explain what you want to do when you hang up your boots.

The ’10’ of Paris Saint-Germain want to become a professional poker player. “It’s true. It’s one of the things that I like the most. I feel very comfortable and I think that after playing football I will be able to do tournaments, travel to play in those in which I have always wanted to participate and have never been able to because of my schedule. When I finish my football career, that’s one of the things I’m going to do. I see myself doing it because I have been playing for a long time, I have been playing almost every day and I try to learn more and more. Knowing how to enjoy the game itself and have fun is the most important thing, “he confessed to the French media CNews.

The Brazilian Neymar.

His passion for poker started in 2014. “I started playing poker at the 2014 World Cup (in Brazil). During the competition many players played and I ended up learning to play with them. I looked from the outside and then became interested in the game, I thought it was cool the way they played. And I have fallen in love with poker over the years ”, he explained in the aforementioned medium.

In addition, it reveals what type of player he is in poker games. “I am offensive as in the field. I used to play this way and then I got some advice from some friends (Akkari). It helped me a lot in the development of my game and it taught me many things. And over time, I learned more to be an aggressive player, ”he kept saying.

Own Neymar
find several similarities between poker and soccer. “Among the similarities between poker and soccer, I think focus is one of them. The way you read your opponent and the game is also very important. In poker you have to read the game, read your opponents and know the right moment to attack your opponent ”.