Neymar has few bullets left in the magazine

Neymar he was going to be the best in the world. The successor of Messi. No one was as unbalanced as him. To his enormous talent he added his footballing self-confidence, his vital joy and a lot of marqueting that he dragged from his days in Santos. He was the global player called to be number 1. For all this he signed him Sandro
Rosell for Barça. In 2015, the year he lifted the Champions League in Berlin, he was already on the Ballon d’Or podium, below Messi and of Christian Ronaldo. He was the successor. Or it had to be… And the set of bad decisions and inopportune injuries, with Brazil in the World Cup, and with PSG in the decisive stages of the Champions League, have kept him from being number one in the world. What’s more, Messi Y Christian they still don’t give up, Lewandowski He has taken his place among the top three and they knock on the door with great force Haaland Y Mbappe. Between the two insatiable veterans and the two hard-climbing tanks, Neymar you may be left without the coveted prize. When he signed for PSG, a clause of his contract transcended: he would collect 3.5 million dollars if he won the award in Paris. Now, 29 years old, he begins to doubt that he can be hailed as the best in the world. This year, again, it will be difficult to show off in the Champions League. Before reaching the final, he will meet Bayern and then City. Almost nothing.