Neymar closes his worst league season in Europe

The PSG has failed in the League 1 after being taken away the title by him Lille. The Parisian team, which had three consecutive twists (and seven of the last eight), consummated its debacle in a tournament that due to budget and staff should rule with an iron fist.

Nobody better than Neymar exemplifies the disappointment of the project Nasser Al-Khelaifi. The Brazilian closed his season with very poor numbers: he only participated in 18 games of 38 days, in which he scored only 9 goals and where he distributed 6 assists.

They are the worst records of the crack of the PSG in domestic competition since leaving the Saints to enroll in the Barcelona. In his first Barça season, on 13/14, he played 26 league games, scored 9 goals and distributed 10 assists. Their figures improved the following season: 33 games, 22 goals and 9 assists.

His best league season in Barcelona was 2015/2016, in which Neymar He played 34 days, scored 24 goals and signed 16 assists. In his farewell campaign he signed 30 games, 13 goals and 15 assists.

In Paris, where he has just finished his fourth year, he won the first three domestic championships he played but due to injuries he has never exceeded 20 games in a season in Ligue 1. His debut campaign was the most outstanding: he participated In 20 rounds, he scored 18 goals and gave 13 passes on goal.

Since then his records have waned. In 18/19 he played 17 games, scored 15 goals and gave 8 assists. In the previous one, also marked by his continuous physical problems (some of them caused by the harshness with which his rivals are used) he could only participate in 15 games, in which he signed 13 goals and 6 assists. But it has been in this, in 2020/21, where the figures of Neymar they have penalized PSG, unable to be regular. He has played 18 games, has scored 9 goals and has distributed 6 goal passes.