Neymar can be penalized for five games

The expulsion and subsequent scuffle in the last moments of the match at the summit that PSG lost 1-0 at home on Saturday against LIlle, who also snatched the lead from him, could cost Neymar a harsh sanction. The Disciplinary Commission of the French League (LFP) will meet on Wednesday and, according to Le Parisien, the Brazilian star is exposed in the worst case to a suspension of 5 games.

By the mere fact of being sent off after seeing two yellow cards, Neymar will automatically miss the next day that PSG will pay a visit to Strasbourg. In principle, the sanction could be from one to three games, which in this case would prevent him from facing Saint-Etienne in Ligue 1 and playing in the quarter-finals of the League Cup.

But the Disciplinary Commission could raise the suspension to five games based on Neymar’s behavior on the pitch and, once sent off, when he retired from the pitch as well as in the changing room tunnel.

In his first starting game after two months out, Neymar saw the first yellow card in the 48th minute for putting his hand in the face of Benjamin André. Already about to meet the regulation time, the Brazilian lost the papers with a push and a low kick to Tiago Djaló, who was also sent off. The row continued when both left the grass and had to be separated in the tunnel by security and staff members of both teams to prevent them from coming to blows.

A history of penalties

Neymar is a repeat offender this season since on September 13 he was sent off for an incident with Álvaro González at PSG-Marseille. Then he was sanctioned with two games. Since joining the Paris team in 2017, the former Barça player has seen the red four times and has missed 15 games in French football due to disciplinary reasons.