New strollers for mothers runners

The German childcare brand Cybex launches its first line of strollers and accessories specifically designed for family running, cycling or cross-country skiing. It is about a sports strollers promoted by the former professional athlete and founder of the brand, Martin Pos.

This new collection of multifunctional products includes two revolutionary designs: the ZENO, a 4-in-1 stroller with “hands-free” technology that has been specifically designed for running, cycling or cross-country skiing, and the AVI, an ultralight stroller and aerodynamic for running. Both have recently been awarded the Red Dot Award, a prestigious award that recognizes the quality, innovation and design of this category.

The new CYBEX SPORT collection is designed for all those fathers and mothers who practice sports, from professional athletes to amateurs or beginners. The strollers can be used from six months to four years, approximately.

“As a team of former athletes and parents, we are very happy to have developed a series of products that will help active parents to feel free when it comes to practicing their favorite sports activities with their children, translating into a more lifestyle. healthy and happy for the whole family. The new strollers in the CYBEX SPORT Collection are just the beginning of a category, with much more to come! ”, Explained Martín Pons.

Cycling is another of the sports that can be practiced with the Cybex Zeno stroller


The new ZENO from CYBEX is a ‘4-in-1’ multisport stroller ideal for running around town, cycling or cross-country skiing. In the running mode it can be used in two different ways, in Push-Running mode, by pushing the stroller, or in PullRunning mode, by pulling it with your hands free thanks to an accessory that is attached to the runner’s waist.

The cabin of this innovative stroller is adjustable in height, which allows to regulate its center of gravity, offering better performance in any sport. In addition, it has a padded sports seat that provides extra comfort for the little ones. Its easy handling allows the ZENO to be used with one hand and its large wheels with inner tubes and rear suspensions make it an ideal stroller for urban terrain.

This is how the folded stroller looks
This is how the folded stroller looks


The new AVI from CYBEX is the ultimate treadmill for athletes with the highest expectations seeking high performance. This ultralight and aerodynamic stroller has been specially designed for excellent racing performance on urban terrain. The AVI’s aluminum chassis is very lightweight, providing smooth, liberating rides. Its XL sun canopy with mesh window protects the little ones while keeping an eye on the baby at all times. Its easy handling and one-hand reclining seat increase the comfort of the little one and the parents. In addition, it has reflective elements that improve visibility in low light conditions.