New sponsor for Rafa Nadal for the next three years

Rafael Nadal will be an ambassador for the Amstel ULTRA® and Amstel O.0 beer brand for the next three years, the company has announced.

The union will last until 2024, being the first time that Nadal associates his image with a sponsor of the sector.

In the statement Rafa Nadal declares: “I am very happy to be a team with ULTRA® for the next three years. The last year has been a challenge for all of us, there has never been such an important moment to find balance in our lives. As a professional tennis player and always traveling the world, I live an extremely active and busy life. But at the same time I always take the time to enjoy moments with the people close to me when I can. I believe that everyone should be able to find the right balance that works for them and the Amstel ULTRA® range and Amstel 0.0 they complement this perfectly. “