New ‘miracle’ of doctor Cavadas

He doctor Pedro Cavadas He has done it again. Expert in transplantation and reconstructive surgery, some He is nicknamed ‘doctor miracle’ for his successful interventions. Many still remember the Wilmer case, the quadriplegic Guatemalan boy that the doctor operated on. After surgery, Wilmer was able to move his upper limbs. Well then: that achievement served so that now, a 23-year-old Asturian young man, Enol, has walked again despite the fact that her life was tied to a wheelchair.

The young man was born with Warkamy syndrome, what causes malformations in different organs. In his case, it affected the tendons, which were retracted and did not grow with the rest of the body. Therefore, although Enol began to walk at three years, soon the mobility problems and ended up unable to walk and in severe pain. At the Gregorio Marañón they operated on the young man to lessen these pains, however, they warned him that I couldn’t walk again.

Enol was born with Warkamy syndrome and ended up losing mobility in his legs

But his family did not lose hope and Wilmer’s case reached his ears, a particularly complicated case because there was a spinal cord injury and a serious infection of the sacrum. In Enol’s case, there was no such injury, so his mother decided to send a consultation to the doctor by email, as his relatives have explained to the newspaper ‘El Comercio’. Cavadas attended them after a month and assured them that the young man would be able to walk again. “It’s easy: the muscles are changed from back to front, the kneecap is put in place, it is deviated, rehabilitation and walking“Said the Valencian doctor, as reported by the newspaper.

Enol then went to the very long waiting list of the ‘doctor miracle’, who performs some 1,500 operations per year. Finally, he operated on the patient three times in early 2019 at the Manises hospital, in Valencia. After more than a year of rehabilitation, Enol for two months now walks home without help.