New Maradona audios come to light: ‘Don’t say you’re drunk all day’

Diego Armando Maradona left us three months ago and his death continues to leave a long series of pending issues that are closely followed by all his fans. In fact, the Argentine Prosecutor’s Office continues to investigate those around him to try to clarify the causes that surrounded the death of this myth.

Now some sound documents have come to light in which one of the main people involved in this death is heard, Leopoldo Luque, who is being investigated for homicide. That is why it is carefully studied what implication it could have had in the death of ‘Pelusa’.

Among the latest leaked audios, one of Matias Morl
to, lawyer and henchman of Maradona, who asks the former player to record a video to deny that he is “imprisoned” in his house as his daughter insinuated Gianinna:

“Regarding the quilombo that is happening, Gianinna is saying that you are a prisoner, and you are drunk all day, as if you were a puppet. He does this because he wants to defend the mother in court. So I would need, to put on your page, a video of yours in which you say that you are not a prisoner, that you are there of your own free will. So good, if you can do that little video, with that we will kill them all ”, Morla tells him.

And, in addition, he adds some guidelines to make said video: “And I am explaining to the sponsors that you are fine. From the video there is no hurry, when you are well and have a nice little girl because the whole country is going to see it. That you’re drunk all day, don’t even say it. They are saying that you are bad, when you are good ”.

From the broadcast audios, corresponding to the last months of Maradona, until his death on November 25, it is deduced that the ex-footballer’s habits were moving away from the healthy life to which he should have been accustomed given his state of health.

In fact, in one of the audios it is admitted that Maradona’s doctor urges him to give up alcohol, to which his lawyer replies that “he is not his father.”