New betrayal of Marina: Lucia and Isaac are no longer hiding on their trip to Barcelona

The Lucia and Isaac thing seems to be more than a one-night stand. The surprise couple of the third edition of ‘The island of temptations’ arose after a double betrayal: from wolf to the one who was his girlfriend, Marine, and from Lucia to her best friend in the program. What they hid as a friendship “between brothers”, broke out shortly after leaving the Caribbean. The Sevillian was puzzled and the rest of us were in shock after crying, laughing and defending tooth and nail a betrayed Lucia. The victim became an executioner and after a tense three-way face-to-face where the relevant explanations were given, we can confirm that the woman from Cádiz and the ‘wolf’ continue to see each other.

And we have found out thanks to the publications that both without cutting each other have made on their Instagram accounts. Without being cut also by having a pandemic and mobility restrictions that we do not know how they have been bypassed to travel from Cádiz to Barcelona (and vice versa) so richly. Because after Lucía’s visit to Barcelona, ​​Isaac will visit La Línea de la Concepción to have a gig in a pub.

The story they shared together in Barcelona.

That they continue to see each other is clear; that they have a relationship, none have confirmed it yet, although Isaac assured in the last ‘Debate of Temptations’ that he felt nothing beyond Lucia than attraction and friendship. What is certain is that the relationship with Marina is more than finished And not only on the part of the Catalan, but the new fashion influencer assures that she neither has “nor wants” any kind of contact with her former friend.

Marina neither forgives nor forgets

Regarding the great stab in the back that the Sevillian suffered after leaving the island, Marina spoke on the subject for Europa Press and assured that Lucía apologized several times: “She asked me for them in front of the camera and she has also asked me for them on WhatsApp . It is something that I accept and I appreciate it, but it’s something that doesn’t happen to me overnight “, he assured.

“I have zero relationship with her and with Isaac even less. He has already told me a lot how he is as a person (Lucía) and I do not love people like that in my life, but not by far. So I don’t care. That I will have a conversation with her when the thing cools? Maybe, but right now it is neither going nor coming ”, he declared.

Their fun meeting in Barcelona

Thanks to the stories they shared on Instagram, we were able to know that Isaac and Lucía had a great time at Tibidabo with some friends of this one. They were able to enjoy the beautiful views of Barcelona from the mythical peak and, judging by the images, they enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Lucia also shared the views from Tibidabo.
Lucia also shared the views from Tibidabo.