New and unjustified arbitration controversy with Atlético

There is less and less left for LaLiga to end (12 games) and the pressure is greater for everyone. Hence, in this section of the championship everything is looked at with a magnifying glass. And the arbitration proceedings were not going to be less. It already happened in the derby, where the madridistas claimed a penalty by the hand of Philip what Hernandez HernandezAfter being claimed by the VAR referee, he did not concede, which caused the outrage of the white club and endless reactions, including those of the mattress entity.

And after the shock before him Athletic, the focus was on the 1-1 action. The Athletic achieved the tie by means of Marcos Llorente placeholder image when a few seconds of the discount minute that had been decreed had passed Gil Manzano for the first act. The ball entered Athletic’s goal five seconds after the 46th minute was reached. Something enough for the controversy to be served again.

The truth is that, as shown in the images, Carrasco enables in-depth to Lemar when the 46 ‘had still been reached, so Gil Manzano decided to let the play end, which finally ended in the tie for the mattress box. It should be remembered that the end can never be signaled before reaching that time. The arbitration experts agree with the referee.

Moment in which Atlético starts the attack on Llorente’s goal

A criterion that the Extremaduran referee maintained at the end of the clash, when Savic made a mistake about Yeray and, even though the four-minute discount had come to an end, he allowed her to be taken out. Something that did not seem to matter at the time of controversy generated by Atlético’s tying goal that came five seconds after the time had expired, in full attack of the Madrid team.