Netflix Spain prepares a reality show like ‘Island of Temptations’

The platform Netflix Spain is preparing a reality show of dating and coexistence with the company ‘Fremantle’. This new production is expected to have many similarities to the hit television show ‘The Island of Temptations‘.

As the ‘Vertele!’ Portal has announced exclusively, the casting process could start in the coming weeks in Madrid and everything indicates that the favorite place to host its filming will be Ibiza.

In this way, Netflix Spain keep betting on terlerreality. It should be remembered that just a few weeks ago, the platform announced its first reality show in our country called ‘Insiders‘, For which they signed as director Alvaro Diaz, the head of ‘Big Brother’ in Zeppelin.

For its part, the producer ‘Fremantle’ owns the rights to ‘Playing with fire‘, A’ show ‘in which singles participate who must consolidate their love relationships by avoiding sex. Maintaining intimate relationships is penalized while celibacy has a prize.

Back with my ex ‘,’ Three wives, one husband ‘,’ Love is blind ‘,’ Blind trust ‘and’ The island of Temptations’ are some examples that the portal has highlighted as inspirational models for the new project they are working on.