Neither Valencia, nor Barça nor Madrid, the future of Fabio Blanco points to Eintracht

The Valencia He resigned himself a few weeks ago to losing the young right-handed winger Fabio Blanco, but the future of the Spanish sub 17 international seems to be out of Spain despite the interest of Barcelona and Madrid in taking over their services.

A few days ago, journalist Salva Gomis (‘Paterna Factory’ of Radio Esport) advanced the operation and also the player’s trip to Frankfurt this past weekend and this Tuesday SkySports pointed out that his signing for Eintracht is almost closed and that the player is convinced of the move. Only a few details would be missing.

The irruption on the scene in the last hours of Pablo Longoria’s Olympique de Marseille, who renewed him a few months after arriving at the direction of the Paterna football area, has not made the young player from Almeria change his mind, that this campaign

The fact that the German team does not have a direct subsidiary could open the doors to the first team next season if they win it in the preseason, a factor that seems to have pushed Blanco to accept the German proposal. In fact, the lack of guarantees to access Valencia’s first team in a short period of time was the reason for rejecting the renewal proposal.

Blanco arrived at Valencia in the summer of 2016 and ends his contract at the end of this campaign. A little over a month ago the club presented him with a final proposal to try to convince him but the player rejected it.