NBPA agrees with league to improve compensation for end-of-career injuries

The NBA and the players association (NBPA) have managed to reach an agreement after months of negotiations to increase the amount that a player who suffers an injury that ends his career. This compensation will be, from next season, two and a half million of dollars.

Until now the “insurance” that the NBA offered its players was little more than $ 300,000, a figure much lower than the new agreement reached. Thus, the NBA secures a lot of money for those players who suffer a serious injury for which they cannot continue their careers.

According to ESPN sources, this new compensation plan also includes complications caused by diseases like COVID-19, one of the clauses that both parties wanted to include in the new agreement.

Similarly, the NBPA and the league have taken advantage of these negotiations to agree on other figures regarding the salaries of the players. Both parties have agreed to maintain the 25% reduction in the salary of players that can occur if they happen “causes of force majeure

Recall that precisely this point of the collective agreement was highly discussed when the league was suspended and it became obvious that many teams could not finish their respective seasons. The NBA began to retain the 25% of wages as of May 15.