NBA star Kyrie Irving’s ex-girlfriend admits she’s a lesbian

About five years ago the NBA star Kyrie Irving and the american singer Kehlani Parrish they kept a relationship. And although she was always involved in controversy, the latest information from the artist continues to surprise.

And it is that the young woman with Mexican and Spanish roots has resorted to her account ‘Tiktok’ to make an explosive announcement: “I finally know thatoy lesbian. I am gay, gay, gay ”, has expressed Kehlani. Something that was already more than known by their loved ones: I wanted them to fall to the ground and say to me: ‘Congratulations! We had no idea … and they told me: ‘We know, you’re the only one who didn’t know. The closet was made of glass’ “, he commented Parrish.

“I really didn’t have to come out of the closet in my private life (…). It’s not like I walk down the street and people look at me and say, ‘Oh, I bet it’s’ queer’. Or I bet you like women, “he commented.

This fact is even more striking if we consider that the Californian was mother just two years ago with guitarist Javie Young-White. Something that does not scare one at all Kehlani who has ensured that she will raise her little girl without prejudice and surrounded by people of different sexual tastes.