Napoli stumbles on Hellas Verona and says goodbye to the Champions League

The hymn of the Champions League will not be heard next year in the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona. It was the goal of Naples, needing only a victory against him Hellas to get the ticket to the best tournament but he escaped. Those of Gattuso They did not know how to deactivate a team that no longer played anything but honor and left the square of Champions to Juventus. Maybe next time.

Complicated start

The game, which started still with the natural light of the south of Italy, did it with a Naples aware of your obligation to win. To do this, from the beginning he proposed to attack the spaces with his fastest footballers but the Hellas, used to imparting strong pressure on his rival, he did not leave him and it bothered him.

All dangerous plays went through the boots of Fabian to become something more than that but they never succeeded. In fact, it was the visitors who, at the end of the first half, managed to shoot on target. Yes indeed, Meret He answered everything correctly.

Jug of cold water

Already in the second half, the box Gattuso went out for all and after several attempts, Rrahmi signed the 1-0 when picking up a rejection in the exit of a corner. The Parthenopeans breathed.

Although they did it for a short time, because the Hellas managed to tie the match nine minutes later with a goal from Faraoni that again forced them to row.

And they rowed, but they died on the shore. They put everything on their part until after the discount but the marker did not move and the dream of the Champions disappeared.