Napoli get stuck against Cagliari

The Naples shot himself in the foot drawing against him Cagliari and putting the fourth place (1-1) within shot of the Juventus of Turin.

The taste was more than bittersweet. Because Gattuso’s team entered well and went ahead just to start. Osimhen, who had already given a warning, scored with his left foot in a connection with Lorenzo Insigne (12 ’). Not a second would come. Not because Naples did not want it or did not try. Quite the opposite. I am looking for a goal, with two clear arrivals from Lozano who did not enter. Meanwhile, the Cagliari, although inferior, left a presence in the Meret area.

The lack of aim marked the game. Until he hit the Cagliari. And the worst for him Naples is that there was no margin of reaction, because Nández he finished point-blank in the last minute (94 ‘) and there was no time for more.