Napoli cuts leader Inter’s winning streak

The streak of consecutive wins of a Inter de Milan Although this Sunday he could not extend it, it does have all the earmarks of raising the ‘Scudetto’ this year. The set directed por Antonio Conte visited the Diego Armando Maradona from Naples to face those of Gattuso, immersed in the fight to get a place for the next Champions, and the thing ended in a tie (1-1) of which can be defined as fair according to the merits made by both.

The Naples jumped to the green aware that the defeat of the Juventus in the Atalanta field (1-0) he put him in a position to hunt down the ‘bianconeri’, which right now are the ones that mark the border of the ‘Champions zone’ occupying the fourth place in this A series. To do this, they needed to defeat the intractable leader, and they stayed halfway, although at times the scoreboard reflected a 1-0 for which the three points had remained in Partenopean territory.

Said so much of those of Gattuso none of his pupils marked it. Specifically, the goal came in the 36th minute of the first half as the result of some bad fortune for him. Inter. Insigne entered the area on the left wing, put it in the center, and Handanovic he stopped, but when he fell to the ground he hit By Vrij, who in his attempt to defend the action was out there, and due to the crash the ball escaped from the goalkeeper’s hands to end up crossing the goal line.

The Inter responded well to the pitcher of cold water received and before the break he was about to draw through a Lukaku whose top ran into wood. He had already had this same bad luck minutes before.

With fortune on his part, the Naples came to half-time dominating the scoreboard, but at the restart, specifically at 55 ‘, the Inter tied. It was Eriksen, who found the ball in the front after a faulty clearance from the rear of the Naples to send it to the bottom of the tights with an accurate left foot.

Once equality was restored, Naples and Inter they debated between going for the win or maintaining the tie, and the one who came closest to undoing it was Politano for the locals, crashing his shot from the front into the wood. It was the third time that the ball hit the sticks of the Diego Armando Maradona, but the first one that luck (if it is such) smiled at the Inter.

In the end, the not quite correctly defined as distribution of points (one for each but no team adding three), with the Inter de Milan taking another step towards the title having 9 income compared to the Milan with 7 days to go, and the Naples 2 from Juventus and with 2 more than one Lazio who has a pending match.