‘Napoli cannot always be Brad Pitt’

He Napoli can’t always be handsome like Brad
Pittsaid his coach Gennaro
Gattuso, who celebrated their 1-2 win over Udinese on Sunday insisting that “an ugly man like me” can occasionally win.

Napoli weren’t the best for much of the match in Udine, but Tiemoue Bakayoko’s header in the 90th minute took the victory away from the home side in spectacular fashion.

The former Italian and former Milan international, today on the bench for the Neapolitan team, contrasted the good looks of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt with his less glamorous appearance to describe the performance of his team.

“This team always wants to play well, but playing poorly is also good and necessary at times,” Gattuso told Sky Sport. “Napoli always want to be handsome, but we can’t always be Brad Pitt, with blond hair and blue eyes. Sometimes we have to be a little ugly, like me ”.

The victory was crucial for Napoli, who had only won one of their five previous league matches. Napoli are sixth in the standings, tied on 31 points with Atalanta (5th) and two behind Juventus, who are fourth.