Naples win against the historic Immobile Golden Boot

Within a week of facing Barca on the lap of the eighths of the Champions League, Naples took the last day of Serie A against the Lazio as a dress rehearsal and the test came out as usual. Effective and fearsome in attack but with evident dysfunctions in defense, and that Manolas, recovered from his injury, was a starter. The match will go down in history because Immobile equaled the league goal record (36), shared from now on with Gonzalo Higuain, who in 2016 scored 36 goals defending the shirt precisely from Naples, and with Gino Rossetti con Torino in 1928-29.

Gattuso He did not reserve anything and that may take its toll because Insigne was injured. He lined up his best eleven convinced that the Lazio I was going to demand how the team will Setien. And his Naples immediately began to practice what he knows best: seize the ball, attack and play it. At 9 minutes he was already in command thanks to a goal from Fabian, a shot from outside the box. He was able to extend the score but Insigne sent a tight ball out.

It didn’t take her Lazio to tie. In a weakly defended action, Immobile took advantage of a cross from the left to finish off with force and on the run. Naples are always marked. He too Sassuolo, who lost 2-0, although the VAR canceled four goals. This time, there was suspense, but it validated both and the record. He Barca You already know that you will have good opportunities to score. Any insurance sometime

The equalizer with which the first part ended was undone very soon in the second. Moving the ball well in the spaces, a swift internee on the left, with a center back, ended with a shot out of Mertens and an untimely kick from Parolo. A clear penalty that Insigne scored as calmly as placement.

Goodbye to Callejón

Naples returned to the old ways, leaving the rival to create danger. Correa, on two occasions, once at the post. and Marusic They could put the call. Little by the end, Gatusso he retired Callejón, who played his last game in Sao Paolo. Too bad there was no audience to cheer him on. It was before 3-1 in the discount. Marked it Politano, but half as much it was a magnificent assistance of Mertens