Nadal: ‘I never expected everything to be rosy and there wouldn’t be a painful defeat’

Toni Nadal, uncle and former coach of the tennis player Rafael Nadal, encouraged the students of the CEU San Pablo University to face “with enthusiasm and motivation” the academic year that starts.

“I never expected an easy life and I was willing to face the difficulty to achieve the success and the goals that I had set for myself. There is no personal satisfaction if you do not face a difficulty, “Nadal said in the videoconference he offered to the students on Tuesday.

In this sense, the coach encouraged the students, according to the press release issued by the university center, to “keep the enthusiasm and constant motivation alive.”

“Don’t give up. The people who succeed in life are those who are willing to give themselves more opportunities “, said Toni Nadal, who underlined the importance of commitment and demand” as basic pillars to face difficulties and complicated moments. “

“You have to put frustration out of our way and show a positive attitude towards failure; assume the difficulty, because the objectives and the path we travel are more enjoyable doing things well, even if it costs us ”, stressed the former tennis player Rafael Nadal.

Toni Nadal also insisted on the need to work “resilience and perseverance to succeed in life”.

“I never expected everything to be rosy and there wouldn’t be a painful defeat. I worked to get out of the hole when things were going badly and I tried to lengthen the good moments, because one can have a natural predisposition, but if you don’t work on the attitude it is very difficult for the special day to come out everything, “said Nadal.

Likewise, Toni Nadal emphasized, during the debate moderated by the dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Communication Sciences, María Solano, in the ability to improve and advance every day.

“You have to try to do things better every day, not only professionally, but also personally. One has to seek his good and be useful to society; the latter is achieved when the person commits to what they do and that is what gives you the value of success, “said Nadal.

Finally, the coach stressed the importance of being a “good person”. “You work much better when you are good people, because you focus your goals better. I have always opted for character training over technical training, because it is what makes you win the games ”, I conclude.